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About Aaron D-H

undefinedExtensive experience in information systems project management, architecture, analysis, design and implementation.

I specialize in highly technical software architectures and development involving the very latest technologies. Several years experience in object-oriented design and development. Able to produce workable designs for most object-oriented languages and design environments available today. Have a thorough understanding of software development life cycles and methodologies. Coached development teams on software engineering, including project management, database design and process design. Communicate effectively to, and wins respect from, both board members and hard-core development staff.

Notable projects include: Large international Azure portal.  Windows mobile applications. Several custom coded and branded SharePoint sites. Silverlight, Wireless Field Force Automation, Wireless E-commerce work order system, B2B e-commerce purchase order system; survey package; catalog purchasing system; SGML document viewing system; stock and bond trading system; accounting systems; project management applications; Electronic Mail and electronic library systems, EAI engine system architecture.

As an experienced architect, I designed and implemented a multi-platform SQL engine, based on ANSI SQL-92 and full-text extensions to SQL. Other projects were developed as early as 1980, involving the networking of mainframes and personal computers.

Published author, inventor and member of the ARRL, IEEE and the IEEE Computer Society