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Extending SharePoint with AngularJS

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SharePoint has always been one of the best platforms for managing data and documents for the enterprise. SharePoint 2013 simplified the ability to change the look and feel of SharePoint web pages. Now with the addition of AngularJS functionality to SharePoint changing the look and feel of data and documents inside SharePoint web pages is now possible without the need for writing new web parts or having XML style sheet experience.

Displaying SharePoint Enhanced Rich Text Formatted (RTF) Text fields in Silverlight

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Silverlight can be used to enhance the user experience for SharePoint users. Most data stored in SharePoint can be displayed directly by existing Silverlight controls and/or the controls available in the Silverlight Toolkit available on Codeplex. The exception to this is the displaying of rich text formatted text field data. RTF formatted text is stored in a simplified HTML format in SharePoint there current is no easy way to correctly display this type of text data in Silverlight… until now.

Practical Silverlight and SharePoint Integration: Part Four

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In Part Three of this series we continued to expand our sample Silverlight/SharePoint list application by adding an additional call to retrieve list detail. In this article we will use the results of our call for list detail to determine which columns should be displayed when we retrieve SharePoint list items. To simplify list item data retrieve we will also explorer a SharePointList helper class that is useful for building CAML queries and encapsulating list items results.


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